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the very recent one where they show everything thats going to happen in the last 3 episodes.

Ah, I found it. That’s not the promo for the next three episodes, that’s just the promo for 2x08.

I don’t know, probably because they were fighting and he locked himself in his room or something. She’s wearing the same dress when their on the stairs and she tells him not to walk away from her and he says “You’re not who I thought you were”.

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Do you know why norma was banging on normans door (in the promo video)

Which promo? Sorry, I don’t remember that part right now.

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This bathroom? This bathroom is broken. It’s not flushing.

Oh, these toilets do that. I told Summers he needed to replace them ten years ago. You gotta jiggle the chain, it—I’ll take a look at it.

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What's your opinion on that "I can never trust you again" scene because I feel like it was maybe meant to be a joke on page, but it didn't really come off like that. Norman seemed really serious about it, but there was that weird smile and Emma didn't seem too bothered by it, and I definitely would have been if it was my best friend who said that to me. So was it a joke or did Emma just blow it off because she understood where he was coming from with it? Just very confused basically.

Quoting what I said the other day: “He was joking. He tried to look serious so she would believe him, but then he smiled a little. He knows Emma did it out of concern and he doesn’t blame her (this reminded me a bit of 1x08). And more importantly, she believes him when not even Norma does, and he appreciates that. He needs that, actually. So he can’t be mad at her, not really.”

But yeah, like you said, if I was Emma I would be a bit annoyed by it too.

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"Norma, know that I’m here for you. Anything you need. I promise, I’ll help you. This is all going to be fine."

"Why are you so nice?"

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So you think they DID had sex? because....i always thought that maybe.... he raped her while he was on his trance, and even worse.... it's pretty morbid ...but that maybe he eve did it after she died, its a horrible thing, but i don't know what they will write. I hope it's just sex and not rape. Because we still don't really know if Norman is the one who actually killed her. I really hope they don't go for the worse.

I thought all of that too, actually. But then I saw the promo for the remaining episodes [x] and we see a few seconds of them apparently having sex where she doesn’t look, uhm, uncomfortable. But it doesn’t look like he’s being particularly tender or Norman-like at all either.

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How do you know she's dead??

(This was about Jiao, in case anyone’s wondering)

Shelby went after her to kill her, he probably wouldn’t have come back until he did it. And Emma said in her blog that she was dead.

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For the promo, where Norma says everybody's mother lives inside them, it seems like maybe Norman is hearing her voice in his head again. Or do you think she really says that?

Her voice is softer, like the way she sounds in his hallucinations, but I can’t be sure.

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what's gonna happen to Norman now that they know he slept with his teacher

Well, they still have to find out whether he killed her or he just had sex with her. They can interrogate him but they can’t arrest him yet.

I’m curious about something I’ve seen in the promos, where Norman has a suitcase and is trying to leave, and Romero is telling him “this isn’t just going to go away” or something like that.

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